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About us
POROH Ltd. is a company founded in 2021 by a team of amateur athletes who discovered the incredible inspirational power of a sporty lifestyle. The aim of the company is to create, promote sporting goods and sports nutrition, and promote the distribution of healthy lifestyle products.
Our cases and objectives
We present a range of healthy products that are already available in leading shops in the country, as well as products that we are the first to introduce to the Russian market.


CBD oil - a new approach to health care

You can find further information on products
GoldenSeedLife products manufactured in Switzerland as well as detailed information on the properties of CBD by clicking on the link in the online shop of the brand. POROKH is a leading partner, producer and Russian representative of GoldenSeedLife.
We represent this product in such marketplaces as Ozon, YandexMarket, Wilbiries, AliExpress, and others.
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We present NANOCEA, a breakthrough micelle technology (MICELLE Technology) developed by an international team of outstanding scientists in Europe. With this exciting technology, NANOCEA has produced innovative products to maintain health and improve quality of life.

A substance with a reduced molecular structure is 99% better absorbed by the human body, which makes NANOCEA products today an incredible advantage and a truly unique selling proposition!

Curcumin, Olibanium, Omega 369 and others.
Negotiations are underway to enter the Russian market.
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Support programme
POROH presents a support programme for injured athletes. The therapeutic properties of the products we present on the Russian market can significantly facilitate the recovery of athletes during rehabilitation.
Sporting goods and social projects
POROKH sets itself the social goal of creating a production base - providing the economic segment of the Russian consumer with sportswear and footwear and providing sports goods to charities and orphanages.

An important goal is to promote the maximum integration of new technologies and ecological initiatives into Russian sporting goods production.

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